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Joe Conklin

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About Me

Joe Conklin is a Pittsburgh based content creator & skateboarder. He started his TikTok account in January 2021, quickly amassing a loyal following of over 2M. Skateboarding is his passion and he helps teach, and inspires millions of people how to skateboard through socials. As a thanks to his followers, he writes each of their names on his skateboards. Below are his audience demographics from his social media accounts. If you’d like to work with Joe, reach out by clicking “Contact Me” above.

Creator Highlights

  • TikTok creator with over 2.2M+ Followers
  • Savvy Digital Media Content Creator
  • Ranked in Top TikTok Streamer of 2021
  • 50 Million Views Across Platforms
  • As seen on CBS Pittsburgh Today
  • 19 skateboards filled with his fans names
  • His backup account has 675K followers
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